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Top 20 Peloton Theme Rides

Greetings, internet! As a #pelotonnewbie (how long am I allowed to use that leaderboard tag?), I was oh-ver-whelmed with the amount of classes available on-demand and had no idea where to start. At my former boutique spin studios, I was a big fan of artist-themed rides and I was motivated to start chipping away at Peloton’s collection. I’m also super motivated by aesthetically-pleasing visuals that I can post publicly on social media for accountability. This combination led me to create these theme ride bucket lists for my own personal enjoyment but after having a few fellow Peloton-ers repost them on social media, I decided to share them for the community to enjoy!

The second I hopped on my bike for the first ride, I knew I needed a full list of all theme rides to start tracking my progress. I was having trouble finding these rides all linked in one place so I decided to create this bucket list to have something bookmarked to reference whenever I was itching to take another theme ride. I also really struggled to filter the Peloton course catalog and was really frustrated with the lack of the ability to search for a ride so I figured I’d post them all in one place.

Theme Ride Bucket List Part One:

The easiest way I’ve found to locate these rides within the Peloton app or bike screen is to filter by the instructor listed below and the class type to “theme.” From there, sort by date and you should be able to scroll to the theme ride you’re looking for without getting angry.

Cody Rigsby:

Cody Rigsby’s 30 min Britney Spears Ride: 7/15/2020 @ 6:30pm

Cody Rigsby’s 30 min Lady Gaga Ride: 1/16/2020 @ 7:30pm

Cody Rigsby’s 30 min Backstreet Boys Ride: 5/17/2019 @ 11:30am

Cody Rigsby’s 30 min Ricky Martin Ride: 6/12/2020 @ 5:00pm

Tunde Oyeneyin:

Tunde Oyeneyin’s 30 min Speak Up Ride: 6/3/2020 @ 5:00pm

Tunde Oyeneyin’s 30 min Juneteenth Ride: 6/19/2020 @ 1:30pm

Tunde Oyeneyin’s 20 min Afrobeats Ride: 8/20/2020 @ 7:05pm

Tunde Oyeneyin’s Common Ride: 7/29/2020 @ 6:30pm

Robin Arzon:

Robin Arzon’s 30 min Lizzo Ride: 8/2/2019 @ 12:30pm

Robin Arzon’s 30 min The Greatest Showman Ride: 11/16/2018 @ 12:30pm

Robin Arzon’s 30 min Madonna Ride: 6/28/2019 @ 12:30pm

Robin Arzon’s 30 min Dolly Parton Ride: 6/26/2020 @ 5:00pm

Robin Arzon’s 30 min Best of Broadway Ride: 2/9/2016 @ 10:30am

Robin & Jess’ 30 min JLO Ride: 10/15/2019 @ 5:00pm

Ally Love:

Ally Love’s 30 min Whitney Houston Ride: 7/1/2020 @ 5:00pm

Ally Love’s 20 min Feel Good Ride: 4/10/2020 @ 1:00pm

Ally Love’s 30 min Pitbull Ride: 10/10/2019 @ 10:30am

Ally Love’s 30 min BTS Ride: 5/29/2020 @ 5:00pm

Ally & Emma’s 30 min Prince Ride: 8/12/2020 @ 6:30pm

Alex Toussiant:

Alex Toussaint’s 45 min Club Bangers Ride: 3/14/2020 @ 9:00am

Alex Toussaint’s 45 min Lil Wayne Ride: 7/22/2020 @ 6:30pm

Alex Toussaint’s 30 min Motown Ride: 2/23/2019 @ 1:45pm

Alex Toussaint’s 30 min Wyclef Jean Ride: 9/9/2020 @ 6:30pm

Multiple Instructors:

45 All for One Ride: 7/2/2020 @ 8:00am

45 min All for One More Ride: 7/2/2020 @ 8:00am

Immediately after posting part one, a part two was highly requested! Since these rides are so popular, I imagine a part three will be coming very soon.

Thanks for reading! If you post these on your instagram stories, please tag me! I get so excited seeing everyone’s progress.

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