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Top 10 Essentials for New Peloton Riders

Links last updated September 2020.

As a #pelotonnewbie (I’m still allowed to use that 30 rides in right?), I was pretty overwhelmed with the amount of advice out there so I went to the #pelotonveterans for their suggestions. After polling a few unofficial Peloton groups on Facebook, here’s a master list of their recommended products for new riders.

1. Fan for your bike: I lasted about four rides before caving and ordering a bike fan. I thought I would sweat more and burn more calories without one but these rides are so hard in the beginning that I couldn’t even get past the warm-up without feeling overheated. Available here: Amazon

2. Sweat towels: This is probably painfully obvious but you are going to sweat. I don’t personally have any desire to have super soft specific sweat towels so I just use these. I throw one over my handlebars and one over my neck. I used to go to this boutique, luxury gym on Long Island that supplied these exact towels for guests and stored them in the freezer after dousing them in eucalyptus essential oil. I’m not quite there yet but they do make affordable, easy-to-bleach sweat towels. Available here: Amazon

3. Padded gel seat: Your butt is going to be sore. You will want to quit. I promise you that you will get used to the seat within ten or so rides and that it does get better. Until then, a padded gel seat cover does help. Available here: Amazon

4. Padded bike shorts: I’m on the fence with this one because I tried these out at the same time as the padded seat cover so it’s hard to say if they worked for me personally. They were highly recommended by the peloveterans so I included them on the list. Available here: Amazon

5. Water tumbler: Have you heard of the “tumbler hack” yet? Get ready to have your mind blown because this is truly a #gamechanger. This cup fits perfectly in the handlebars of the bike and eliminates the need to keep a water bottle below that is annoying to get to during a ride. Trust us on this one, this is a need. The Ozark brand is totally just as effective as the Yeti so save some cash and go for the knock-off! Available here: Amazon

6. Silicone straws: For your tumbler hack! These ones are extra long and won’t sink into your tumbler. Available here: Amazon

7. Bicycle socks: This one seemed to be not so popular but for those that struggled with keeping their socks up, these were considered vital. These socks are meant for activity where your feet move in the same motion over and over. They’re padded at the top to keep them from slipping into your shoe under your heel and compressed throughout the sock for comfort. They’re also super breathable so you’re not uncomfortable ten minutes into your tabata. Available here: Amazon

8. Phone holder: This one I’m on the fence about as well. Personally, I take advantage of the “me-time” I get while on the bike away from all responsibility. If you’re taking lunch break rides and need to be accessible via email or are watching a baby monitor as you’re riding during nap time, this should be number one on your accessory wish list. Available here: Amazon

9. Headbands: Finally, we have headbands. If you’re brand new to a regular exercise routine, you may not realize how helpful it is to have all of your hair strongly secured when you need minimal distractions during vigorous moves. Without a headband, I find myself re-doing my ponytail 2-3 times per ride and these prevent that destruction. Available here: Amazon

10. Quality shoes: I think this one should probably be an entire post on its own because there’s really so many options out there that it’s not safe to give one shoe-fits-all recommendation. There were a few dozen brands recommended but the overall rule is please make sure you’re wearing properly fitting shoes! If you have a local bike store and can be fitted professionally, definitely take advantage of it. Wearing shoes that don’t fit properly can lead to serious injury and all-around discomfort that will prevent you from hitting that PR.

Did I miss anything? Let’s connect on Instagram and share your other favorite essentials with us!

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