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20 Fitness + Nutrition Accounts to Follow on Instagram for Healthy Motivation

Fitness + nutrition instagram accounts that will inspire you!

Greetings, internet! If you’re anything like me, it’s super motivating to fill your social media feeds with inspiring people that are on similar health journeys or work as fitness and nutrition professionals while sharing their knowledge with their followers along the way. I asked for recommendations on fitness and nutrition influencers to follow and after sorting through the hundred or so recommendations you all sent me, here’s the 20 I chose to start following to motivate me to further my journey

@RunThisMomLife – Hannah

Hannah is a pharmacist, a mother, and a runner! I’ve enjoyed her posts giving a bit more clinical insight into all things health and fitness from a clinical pharmacist perspective which is one you don’t see too frequently on Instagram! She posts a well-rounded balance of fitness and personal life content that motivates you to be your best self.

@BarbellKitchen – Sara

Sarah is a certified coach and trainer and shares her knowledge of all things fitness and nutrition with her followers. I’m a big fan of how she includes meditation as an aspect of her life because more influencers should include mental health as an emphasis on overall health! She has a super positive vibe and will very quickly feel like one of your best friends!

@PrenatalNutritionist – Ryann

Ryann is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Lactation Educator and fellow redhead! Her page is geared towards preconception and pregnancy food choices for two but shares so much research relevant for everyone! I’m a big fan of anyone that dedicates their career towards helping moms + babies because they’re the kindest people.

@JaimmyKoroma – Jaimmy

Jaimmy radiates positivity! As a body positive influencer, she’ll encourage you to love yourself through the journey and to celebrate your body at any size. Her posts and stories will tell you exactly what you needed to hear when you’re having a bad day or feeling down about your body. Check her out!

@KatieFitOnFire – Katie

I see so much of myself in Katie’s feed and that’s what attracted me to her page. She keeps it real whether in scrubs at her job as an ER night nurse or in leggings on the bike. She’s motivating and positive and will have you cheering for your own fitness journey because she celebrates everyone!

@KatieCrokus – Katie

Katie is a macro lover like myself and creates her own recipes! She shares simple and macro-friendly meals to help women meet their goals. She’s super relatable and will fill your feed with inspiring content that will get you motivated, no matter what you’re working towards!

@HappyStrongHealthy.RD – Jenna

Jenna is an anti-diet Registered Dietitian that shows uses her clinical knowledge to smash the diet culture that has overtaken the fitness Instagram community. She’s pro-food and posts some great memes and share-able content that will make you feel connected to her like she’s one of your closest friends!

@The.Balanced.Nutritionist – Jamie

Jamie is another Registered Dietitian I follow that will show you how to balance your food and your life. She’s one of the first people I started following when I started my Instagram and I’ve been so inspired by her attitude to stop fad dieting. Any dietitian that promotes eating carbs is great in my book!

@LizInGoodTaste – Liz

Liz is one of my favorite fitness influencers I’ve found through your suggestions! She’s realistic and relatable but still promotes being the best version of yourself. Her lifestyle posts will make you want to be her BFF and her fitness posts will drive you to tackle any workout you’ve been avoiding. She also posts easy food ideas and is definitely a well-rounded blogger to add to your feed.


With a username this creative, you have to be a great motivator! I’m obsessed with her feed and she’ll have you wanting to weight train and count macros from day one! She’s positive and shares her real life (and the cutest cat ever!) and will leave you feeling like you’ve known her forever!

@MichelleLosing70 – Michelle

Michelle is on a weight loss journey similar to many of us and is promoting a natural weight loss journey that she’s slaying completely on her own! Michelle’s story will have you telling yourself that you’re just as capable and can achieve the same results because she’s so inspiring! Definitely flip through her story highlights because she’s been sharing the process and has so many great tips!

@MeiKayChange – Mei

Mei is actually one of the first people that inspired me to start my own blog! She’s a fitness lover but promotes wellness and mental health as a well-rounded picture of living a healthy lifestyle. Head to her stories (or her own blog!) if you need a push to jumpstart your day in a positive light!


FanaWorksItOut- The QUEEN of the sweaty selfie! This girl’s account is one of the most raw and vulnerable fitness accounts I’ve come across since joining the fitness Instagram community! She posts her workouts and healthy meals with so much reality that you’ll think you’ve known her your entire life.


Want to workout but have no idea where to start? Hop over to @ThisCurvyGirlsFitness and follow along! She posts workout videos that are fun and realistic and will give you all of the motivation you need to break a sweat yourself! She’s made so much progress on her weight loss journey and I’m so excited to watch her journey!

@_ForTheLoveofBritt_ – Britt

Another fitness instagram queen slaying the natural weight loss game! She’s already down 70 pounds (naturally!) and is sharing her journey with a self-love vulnerability that will inspire you to do the same. She’s super relatable and is also a macro lover!

@FindingMyHealthyHalf – Becca

Becca is on a weight loss journey and has been sharing her progress for years! She’s lost over 170 pounds (and counting!) and shares exactly what works for her on her feed and in her stories. With this much experience + such great results, she certainly is qualified to share her tips!

@FlavorfullyFit – Bre

Bre’s account is the ultimate foodie resource! Her account is the account that’s going to finally convince me to learn how to cook! She posts realistic and delicious meals that support a whole food and plant based diet. She’s lost a ton of weight while still eating real food and will inspire you to do the same!

@Fatty4Life – Juliet

Juliet is another successful weight loss story! She’s down over 62 lbs and still counting! She posts her story about what works for her in a way that will inspire you to find exactly what works for you. She’s an inspiration for anyone looking to make a lifestyle change!

@ClinicalMillennial – Christie

Did we not think a shameless self-plug would be included here? 🙂 I only started my account a few weeks ago but I’ve already fallen in love with posting my journey for you all. I’m a big fan of macros and Peloton but I try to keep my posts and stories entertaining and relatable. I also love science so I try to follow an evidence-based weight loss strategy and post about my progress!

Hopefully this list inspires you to check out some new accounts and fill your feed with these strong and inspiring women! Let me know if you have any other must-follows for a Part 2!

-Clinical Millennial

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