Planksgiving 2020 Challenge

Planksgiving 2020

Greetings, internet! I’m excited to announce my first challenge ever, Planksgiving 2020!  We are going to be *so* strong by Thanksgiving and I’m really excited that so many people have signed up.  You have until 11/1 at midnight to convince your friends to join us if you’re trying to win that gift card okurrrrrrt.

Why are we planking?

Planking is an isometric exercise where a muscle or groups of muscles are contracted in a static pose where joints don’t move and the muscles don’t visibly change length.  Planks are a useful exercise in enhancing stabilization and promoting core strength. Planks are a body-weight exercise (meaning no external weights are required) and use your own body weight to resist gravity and activate your muscles.  They effectively strengthen the core muscles and improve muscle activities (ref).  Specifically, the muscle activities impacted by this exercise are the erector spinae, the external oblique, and the rectus abdominis (ref).  Planks can strengthen the core muscles to prevent injuries to the knees, hip joints, and lumbar spine and relieve back pain by promoting proper posture and gait (ref).  Whether you love them or hate them, they’re here to stay (at least for the duration of the challenge)! 

Challenge Rules!

  1. Register using the form below by midnight on November 1st, 2020. Let me know where you plan on checking in and leave your social handles so I know where to find you.
  2. Starting November 1st, plank for at least 60 seconds per day. Break it up into two 30-second segments if you have to but plank for a full minute every day.
  3. Share a video evidence of your plank on social media every day! I plan on posting mine in the Facebook group every morning so feel free to post yours as a comment on that thread.
  4. Last person standing wins a $50 gift card to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or Amazon! Winner’s choice! If more than one person is left standing on Thanksgiving day, I’ll use a number generator and choose one winner randomly.
  5. Have fun and grow that core strength!!

Register Here:

As always, here’s a cute tracker to use for the duration of the challenge! Make sure to tag me on insta or post your plank in the Facebook group to make sure it counts! I’m also posting the template I plan on using daily to share what I’m grateful for as we’re rounding out arguably one of the hardest years of our lives and I’m trying to spread positivity where I can.


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